My Bucket list of Storms is Complete…I hope!

Let’s see, I’ve been through: A Earthquake, A Blizzard and A Tornado, but never, ever A Hurricane, and thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my Bucket List of Storms is Complete!

I live in Central New York and we never have hurricanes. This is a first. Yes, we might have some winds and alittle rain from one off the east coast, but never this far in. I guess that’s why they are calling it “The Frankenstorm( halloween theme and it’s so big).

We are use to Blizzards and Lake Effect Snow. Hardly a winter ¬†without one.(except for last winter where I ony snowblowed once..that was a freaky winter). A few tornado’s…sometimes, but like I said, never a Hurricane.

So, is this house prepared? You bet! Even went out yesterday and bought a generator. We have flashlights, batteries, food I don’t have to cook for a few days and gas in the car. Why do you ask, if you’re asking, are we so prepared? My husband is “OCD” about things like this! When he told me yesterday that he wanted to buy a generator, I was like, “why?”..then he told me that, if the power does go out, they’re not going to come and fix our little area, they are going to the bigger area’s first and we could be without power for days…made sense to me, hence the generator.

I pray for all the people up and down the east coast and Central New York and everywhere else this “monster storm” is going and I hope people didn’t take this lightly and are prepared!

So, come on “Sandy”, let’s see if you’re the “Frankenstorm” they are talking about! And prayers to all!


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