Dear People Next Door

Dear People next door: As you know, I have been “tweeting” and  “facebooking” about you since my kindly neighbor, Beth,aka: “Mrs.Kravitz( I named her this after the character on the tv show Bewitched, because, well, you know why..) passed away.

It started slowly, like letting your lawn grown into a forrest of green, making me post about it and finally complaining to the real estate lady, who didnt care, forcing me to call codes on you. Then you mowed it. Well done, well done.

Then it started with me posting about the tarp you put over the garage, that was getting ripped by the wind and pieces were flying into my yard…I complained, you fixed it. Well done again!
Then, the endless people, marching thru your lawn, which is connected to my lawn, dropping their garbage along the way, while looking at the  house wondering: “Honey, do you think this is a nice place to bring up little Johnny?”, I posted it, you stopped, life was good..


Then one sunny day, asI was pulling into my driveway after work, I see a U-Haul Van and 20 cars, pulling tons of “Mrs Kravitz’s” stuff out..I thought to myself: “Holy crap,she had alot of crap and why are they doing this?” The next day,20 more cars, loads of crap and me wondering…  Then another sunny day(seems all this happened on a sunny day), I pull into my driveway after work and I notice the for sale sign is gone! What??? Could this be true? Someone actually bought “Mrs. Kravitz’s” house? What the heck? Who are these people? Would they be nice? Would they be freaks like the other neighbors on the other side of my house(that is a whole other blog and I’m blocked from seeing them by bushes)My life was turned upside down!!

So, My advice to you, New People Next door: 1: Mow your lawn regularly, because I kinda like that and I can be mean. 2: Don’t mess with my dogs. I have 4 nice dogs, they happen to not like little kids too much(previous experience) and that’s why I keep them in their fence yard. So please tell “little Johnny” or  “little Suzy”, don’t bug the dogs. 3: That’s about it. Oh yeah, remember, I will “tweet” and “facebook” about you and it will be under the title: “Dear NEW People Next Door.  Poor “Mrs Kravitz(beth) I do miss your “wacky” ways!


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